That’s not thunder. That’s a brick wall of sound falling on your head. The intro double bass to track one, Random Acts of Carnage, is simply a violent prelude to the full on act of aggression that is this song, hell, that is the record. In full transparency, I hadn’t heard of Meat Train prior to this record. Random Acts of Carnage is a helluva way to meet a band. It’s not a six pack of ass whup, it’s a full on beat down.

I mentioned Meat Train’s wall of sound earlier. Not kidding when I say that. The guitars are set to metallic crunch maximum here. What that drummer does to the drum set is nothing short of inhuman. If the bass were any heavier he’d crack the Earth and fall through it. And the vocals? Damn. Somewhere between grind and death and I’m not even sure if the guy has a human throat or is HUMAN for that matter.

Thrash, death metal, grindcore, what is Random Acts of Carnage and where does Meat Train fall here? The answer is simple. All three, with a little old school punk and healthy dash of early Crowbar thrown in as well. It’s heavy, let’s put it that way. And at times, strange as well. Take a listen to “Redneck Zombies,” you’ll soon understand. But that’s good. I like a band that’s not afraid to test boundaries and feel confined to one single genre, but you have to be able to pull it off. Meat Train do.

Random Acts of Carnage is all about pushing the envelope of heaviness. And Meat Train does it well. I can’t think of one bad song on the record to be honest. They tend to be fast, moshable tracks with sole intent to inflict pain and suffering, which they do. “Fear the Machine” is near straight up mosh / grind and in this reviewer’s opinion, the best track on the record. When Meat Train lets loose, which they do on most songs, they go for the throat, the approach is all about assault and damage. That’s how extreme metal should be.

If you’re a fan of early Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, and heavy death metal in general, you’ll dig Meat Train. They are what they are – a juggernaut metal killing machine. And Random Acts of Carnage is their weapon of choice. Don’t be a poser, buy the record.

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