(In The Red)

On their second album, Meatbodies, lead by main man Chad Ubovich, take all that was good about their self-titled debut and make it great. They’ve improved upon it in everybody possible way. Their mixture of garage/glam/psyche and fuzzed out proto metal is at the perfect equilibrium. Plus, the songs flow seamlessly from part to part, nothing seems forced. In addition, this album contains tighter songwriting than the first one. Each song, no matter how heavy it gets, contains some sort of catchy melody, vocal or otherwise, so even when they are bashing away in full Black Sabbath mode, the songs still retain their pop sensibilities, which makes for a memorable listen.

Plus, they know how to use quiet/loud dynamic to great effect. They’ve learned that if you want to make a fuzzed out riff sound even heavier, have it come after an airier, quieter part. For example, the song “Scavenger” starts off with an acoustic guitar, right before the fuzz crashes in, it throws in some mellower prog parts before going full on bash for its end.

And sometimes the songs themselves contain different vibes. The title track is a perfect nugget of lysergic glam rock, while “Disciples” shows the band in full Sabbath mode. Most times they combine all their influences in the course of a song. “Touchless” is a great combination of fuzzed out riffs, space traveling psychedelic guitar lines and some ripping solos. “Haunted History” is a lumbering, yet lithe fuzzed out riff monster that has an almost pop catchiness to it. “Gyre” is the band’s proggiest song on the album, and not just because it comes in at a little under seven minutes. Throughout it’s run time the band uses every tool in their musical box. There are heavy fuzzed out parts, lithe psychedelic parts, darting proggy basslines and even bits of decadent glam rock. It’s put together flawlessly.

Meatbodies show no signs of a sophomore slump on Alice, in fact they’ve made an impressive rock album, brimming with hooks, heavy riffs, ripping solos, shimmering psyche and shimmying glam rock. It’s the perfect rock cocktail, one you should definitely imbibe.

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  1. This is killer. It’s like the Pretty Things, kind of–fuzzy psych with great pop melodies.

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