(Magic Bullet Records)

This fearsome foursome from Florida unleash one hell of a glorious racket on their sophomore album, giving the listener one vicious aural beating. It’s noisier, faster and nastier than its predecessor. If you wanted an example of what noisy hardcore should sound like, this is your album. Not only does it up the tempo, it keeps the sketchy noise rock vibe in place as well.

“Haunted House” opens the album hitting hard and fast, while “Pigs” mines a more seething mid-paced groove. “Jungle Heart” and “Fleshtag” up the speed and violence. The former throws in a discordant solo into the mix, while the latter adds slight traces of grindcore. “Reproduction Blues” rides another unseemly and discordant mid-paced trawl. The title track that closes the album, adds touches of sludge metal and harsh doom to the mix. It hits slow, low and swathed in feedback.

Largo is one beautifully malevolent slice of noisecore. Fans of the heavier side of Am Rep should dig it, as well as anybody who likes exciting genre-jumping loud rock. You need to hear it.

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