Memphis May Fire
This Light I Hold
(Rise Records)

Memphis May Fire have kept screamo going from the time the genre was going strong, to the time it was rotting, to its recent revival. Though their sound really hasn’t changed throughout the years – it’s merely tightened, but little else – the band still has the chops to record a powerful album. There’s many tracks on This Light I Hold that stand out – whether from their lyrics, structures, or atmospheres – making it a worthy release for fans of the style. “Carry On” is an especially emotional and definitive song, thanks to the amazing bridge you’ll hear in your head for weeks to come (“Careful what you say, they don’t need to know what you believe; God forbid, I stand for something; God forbid, I stand alone; God forbid, I tell me story; God forbid, it offers hope”). “That’s Just Life” and “Unashamed” are also highlights, taking separate ends of the spectrum, but This Light I Hold is solid throughout. It would have been nice to hear Memphis May Fire take some new chances, but this record is a lot of fun nevertheless. Here’s a band still relevant in the screamo scene.

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