Doom comes in all kind of styles, making the genre one of the most eclectic out there. And although some may say it is over-saturated, Messa definitely offer something new and needed to the mix.

Hailing from Italy, Messa take traditional doom tropes and infuse them with blues, jazz, etherial vocal stylings, and all kinds of varying influences to create a sound all their own on Feast for Water. Just by verbal description, one may imagine this sounding like a fractured mess of sounds, but they manage to pull it all together in a way that creates more of an aural soundscape than a messy array of riffs and interludes.

“Leah” is one of the saddest songs on the record, but also the strongest, with interweaving melodies and choruses that are just as memorable as they are heavy. “Tulsi” is probably the most traditional doom track on the album, and also one of the most atmospheric.

This record is definitely recommended for anyone who likes heavy doom with interesting influences and a lot of musical depth. All eclectic listeners should check this one out!

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