It must be hard being any kind of rock in New York City right now. Rehearsal spaces are getting smaller and costlier. Clubs would rather book DJs than actual bands. Plus, many so-called “hip” publications have once again sounded the death knell for rock ‘n’ roll. (Don’t worry, those publications will probably change their tune when it comes back into fashion in a few years. It’s all cyclical.) All this means that for the time being, the best hard rock is being pushed back underground, where it belongs.

All of these negatives haven’t stopped Mick’s Jaguar, who started out as a Rolling Stones cover band, from doing their thing. And with three guitarist to boot. I guess if you’re going to do it, you might as well go big or go home.

On their debut album for RidingEasy, they unleash an unholy racket of sweet riffs, ripping solos, and anthemic choruses, which they pepper with the right amount of grime and enough bad attitude to fuel several lesser bands. It’s quite the trip. The press materials describe the band as “AC/DC playing CBGBs,” but that’s only half right. To me they’re more like the Dictators in that they combine hard rock, punk, and self aware, smart ass lyrics about living in the Big Apple, to create a super rocking hybrid. Did I just mention they rock? They do. Totally and thoroughly.

All this adds up to one fun, righteously grimy good time. So, hoist a can of your favorite low-rent brew, crank the volume dial on your stereo way up, and bask in the glory of some kickass, streetwise rock n roll jams. You’ll be glad you did.

Purchase the album here. 

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