Microwave’s sauntering new album Death Is A Warm Blanket hangs heavy with a musical expression and ultimately powerful sonic encapsulation of a drive to find one’s place in the world. The truly strikingly dynamic music that the band have crafted swings between gentle acoustics and occasional despondent screamed vocals with a whole range in between, and the band have powerfully unified these elements with smooth presentation. They’ve turned wavering real-world uncertainty into a way forward with musical beauty. The new album is markedly heavier (in more ways than one) than previous output from Microwave, making this seem like a powerful, heavy rock-defined statement of fresh purpose from the band.

As the title suggests, this album feels quite dramatic at times, from its sonic swings to the thematic weight, but the band relate their craft with a confidence that lets it really land powerfully. Nothing feels unsure or just phoned in — they’ve clearly laid themselves out here, and the band’s new album provides a springboard for illuminating empathy with a definite additional feel of personal relevance. The band feel like they know something bad’s going on, and even in the absence of answers, they’re here to sit through it — on the very first song vocalist Nathan Hardy sings that he’s fine with just sitting there if that’s what a particular other person wants. This feeling and all the rest on the album find true expression in the powerfully dynamic music that Microwave share. They seem to have stepped outside of comfort zones to find uniquely powerful methods of musically capturing anxiety and more on tape to paint the picture they’re getting at.

The album feels so unique that time flies once you turn it on, and the band really upend expectations in an attention-grabbing way that maintains deeply emotionally affecting substance all the way through. You’re never really going to be able to pin this record down — some might call it post-hardcore, and the catch-all might fit somewhat — but its “point” feels like it rests much more with the emotional experience provided inside it. This whole process lays atop an ultimately just super catchy, solid songwriting that could easily keep you coming back for more.

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