Shox of Violence
(Hells Headbangers)

Shox of Violence is a pretty big compilation of new songs, covers, and live recordings. Midnight’s rabid fanbase of devoted blasphemers should be pretty excited for this 25-track power bomb. From the Splits, Girlschool, Scarab, and Crucifixion, the mega-comp delivers shock waves of Satanic high speed sounds.

Simply stated, Shox of Violence is the Midnight release you need while the band prepares material for their next album. While the album only offers four new songs to the masses, there is so much in unique and heavy material on the CD and cassette releases, that one would be remiss in complaining. However, if you want vinyl, then Midnight have you already covered. The 12” MLP contains only the four new tracks, but you get what you pay for – a very nicely designed EP with the gift of a FLAC download to take with you everywhere you go.

Midnight is strictly NWOBHM and satanic speed worship, so don’t expect anything new or fancy here. Shox of Violence does not wander far from the music of Satanic Royalty or No Mercy for Mayhem, in fact it is a historical backtrack to the ravenous foundations of unholy speed metal. This is sleazy nails on a chalk board metal. Come ‘git you some for a soiree of sodomy and bloodlust.

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