Dark, atmospheric, and oh-so-cold, Mist of Misery are back with a new record, Fields of Isolation. They totally nail it with both tone and musical content.

Those who have been following the career of this band know that they put out two mini-EPs last year, and finished up their annual offerings with this one. Both this and their other EP, Shackled of Life, follow up their well-received debut full-length, Absence. In the tradition of a lot of atmospheric black metal groups, they are steadily putting out music, but carefully choosing when and how they release it.

“Across Empty Pastures” is probably my favorite song from the record. It manages to blend female vocals and violin with classic, ripping black metal sensibilities in a way that is sure to annoy the heck out of black metal purists who feel that both of the aforementioned items should stay far from their genre. “Hymn to Silence” is another really strong, black metal-driven track that picks up the pace a lot and keeps things moving.

I find my attention wandering just a bit during some of the slowest of interludes, but that’s just me. I tend to like records that don’t break up their flow too much with a bunch of bits that don’t quite fit in. Often, that’s the opposite of what atmospheric black metal fans want, as they believe those highs and lows actually build the flow they are looking for. So, for many genre fans, it probably won’t be an issue.

This record is a must-listen for anyone who has been following Mist of Misery, or anyone who is curious about their sound and digs this kind of metal. Just let it publicly go on record that I don’t approve of calling them “MoM”; that acronym is just too goofy for a band this serious.

Purchase the album here. 


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