The Mons
Trust No One
(Triple Eye Industries)

The Mons, from Chicago, play a style of hardcore punk that is ripping, catchy and to the point. They definitely adhere to the maxim, “All killer, no filler.” On their second album, first for new label Triple Eye Industries, they deliver a masterclass in the sweet art of hardcore punk. All the songs are short, catchy and deliver maximum impact. It’s everything you can could possibly want from a hardcore band.

“This Is Why” opens the proceedings with a bit of a flourish, before accelerating to its finish. The title track follows a similar path with barnstorming guitars and a slight mid-paced part before ending fast, all in the span of 1:34. (Most songs on the album hover around a 1:30.) Songs such as “Waste Of Time” and “White Noise Generation” do their thing in well under a minute. They even throw in a bit of metal gallop on “God Hates The Mons.” “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” which happens to be the longest song on the album at 2:56, keeps things interesting and dynamic, adding bits of punk to go with the hardcore.

Trust No One is definitely a throwback to the early days of hardcore when it was more about speed and acceleration, than just mid-paced mosh parts. It is raging, fun and full of anger. What more could you ask for?

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