When Mother Feather released their self-titled, debut album two years ago, many people were taken aback by the band’s love of big rock ‘n’ roll statements. Here was a band embracing the best parts of glam rock, hard rock, and pop, and mixing it all into one over the top blast of sound.

It was raucous and fun, with lead singer Ann Courtney leading the charge with her powerhouse vocals and girl-positive lyrics. Their live shows were equally over the top and sincere, which sometimes goes over the head of a music culture too enamored with irony for its own good. It was a blast of fresh air.

Also, a bunch of people were wondering why the album came out on Metal Blade. Here was a hooky, glam rock band on the same label as Amon Amarth and Cannibal Corpse. But people who have followed Metal Blade for a while know they have a history of signing bands that go against their “type.” It keeps things interesting. Why not try something new? Plus, it’s all rock ‘n’ roll anyway. Just different flavors.

Well now, Mother Feather, are back with their second full-length offering, Constellation Baby, showing no signs of the proverbial sophomore slump. If anything, the new album doubles down on what makes them great while adding a few new twists to their already-potent sound.

Openers “Red Hot Metal,” “ICU,” and “Snakebite” are all hip-shaking, glam-slam anthems, while “Desert Island,” along with the title track, shows a more introspective side to the band. “Desert Island” offers a moving take on loneliness. Maybe sometimes bad ass rockers get the blues, too.

“Totally Awesome” and “Shake Your Magic 8 Ball” offer up more danceable and fun rock ‘n’ roll.  “Supernatural” is dynamic with switches between louder and quieter parts. Album closer “I Blow A Kiss” shows a bit of vulnerability, ending the album on a quieter, more introspective note.

Constellation Baby is a bold, rock ‘n’ roll statement.  The band tempers their fun anthems with doses of soul searching,  broadening their sound in the best possible way. It offers up music for the party and for the comedown afterwards. What more could you ask for in a record?

Purchase the album here. 

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