Mother Of Millions have birthed a modern prog beauty. The Greek band haven’t exactly come out of nowhere, but Sigma, their sophomore release, finds the group stepping up considerably after their debut and emphasizing the cinematic aspects of their sound. Mother Of Millions’ atmospheric, rhythmic-focused prog rock/metal style falls somewhere in line with what makes groups like Leprous, Caligula’s Horse, and TesseracT so great. Sigma is dripping with melancholy, and the soothing yet haunting atmosphere is punctuated by fantastic riffs and the occasional guitar solo. George Prokopiou’s excellent voice soars above the complex compositions, and, really, this is an album that’s easy to get lost in.

That’s not to say Sigma is boring – far from it. The only discernible issue with this otherwise impeccable surprise is that the strong emphasis on a cinematic tone and timber results in a a few unnecessary interludes and outros that maintain the album’s flow fine enough but result in a full-length that feels like an extended EP. To my count, there are only five actual songs on Sigma, and while they would wind up as the best EP I’ve heard in recent years, it’s difficult not to feel slighted. However, a modern prog record that ends too quickly is a very good and unusual problem to have. Mother Of Millions sprinkle more than enough smart songwriting twists throughout the album to keep things continually interesting. This is a beautiful and truly arresting listen, the type of album that stays with you from the first listen and never really lets go. Mother Of Millions may have been relatively unknown before, but that shouldn’t be the case much longer.

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