Motionless in White are being equally bold and safe on their latest recording, Disguises. Their previous release, Graveyard Shift, did a fair job of shaking things up, taking the band to a more Marilyn Manson-esque place than their previously established brand of metalcore.

Disguises, however, goes back a half step, blending the band’s earlier style with a variety of other influences spanning hard rock and metal. For example, “Broadcasting from Beyond the Grave: Death Inc.” feels like heavy a nod in Rob Zombie’s direction, and it’s a gloriously raucous, wild track.

There’s also “Another Life,” which feels like the band’s definitive answer to the mainstream radio anthem; “Headache,” which—between the “SHUT UP!” screams and the vinyl scratching— bares resemblance to old-school Lincoln Park and also a multitude of breakdowns throughout the collection that sounds as unhinged as early-career Mudvayne.

Aside from a couple weak points—like “Legacy,” which is rebellious, but not quite memorable enough—Disguises hits its marks just about every step of the way. It’s explosive and wildly entertaining. Not only does it beat out the acclaimed Graveyard Shift,  it may just be their best work yet.

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