An outfit with a remarkable back catalog, this eighth album finds the Louisville heroes tweaking their version of rock in innovative ways from sparse and emotive to thundering and lush. They are also exploring the celebrated indie rock of their hometown along with ’80s sounds and plenty of rich moments filtered through their trademark gothic Americana approach.

Though several tunes here recruit cellos, accordions, and violins, swifter tunes pick up the pace with an actual singalong on the Jerry Garcia-influenced “I Have Arrived,” while “True Dark” is a sublime gothic rockabilly that few could replicate. While it’s a concept album, billed as a space western, each track here is a gem, contributing to a larger story about a damaged earth and the decision for two lovers to choose different paths in the aftermath. The sounds follow suit with dark, tense beauty.

Murder By Death is a band that keeps getting better, and they seemingly have problem pushing the boundaries of their unique creativeness. A brilliant album.

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