Black metal used to be the music of the great white northern realms. It was made by people in colder climates and reflected their existence, along with their connection to nature. It was grim and frostbitten and of the woods and mountains.

Recently, there are have been a whole crop of bands popping up in New York City that take black metal’s grim outlook and apply it to the urban existence.  There’s Black Anvil, Imperial Triumphant, and Mutilation Rites, just to name a few. While each deal in urban grimness, they take a different approach to their black metal. Black Anvil adds progressive touches to their viciousness, while Imperial Triumphant goes jazzy and avant garde. Mutilation Rites take a different approach from these two bands.

They play a style of black metal that is grimy and grungy, just like the city where they dwell. Their sound also encompasses snatches of fetid death metal and a certain punk rock swagger that is missing from many of their contemporaries. All these added touches help the band stand out from the crowd. It’s a more straightforward approach, but it works well for them.

On Chasm, the band’s first album in nearly four years, they deliver a vicious sonic assault that is nasty and powerful. They bulldoze through the six tracks on this album like they have something to prove. Mutilation Rites are channeling all the grief of living in the city into their music. It makes for quite a harrowing and exhilarating ride.

So, if you want one killer slice of grotty urban black metal, be sure to pick up a copy of Chasm. It will beat you into submission.

Purchase the album here. 

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