While there’s plenty of quirky indie-pop out there today, few are as clever, humorous, and seemingly random as My Pleasure, who, as you might have gathered from the title, offers us three singles and a bonus track on this EP. 

“Five Stars,” a tune about someone’s Amazon reviews, starts with a plugged-in, cowboy feel before bursting into synthetic drums and an eccentric New Wave chorus, and “Ugly Jug (Sprouts a Hyacinth)” continues the oddity with an electronica outing that’s a mix of taking and singing while a subtle post-punk angle lingers underneath.

Near the end, “Drive Thru” offers the soundtrack to a dining experience with plenty of electronic noises and creative exploration, and “Horrible Boy” finishes the quick listen with a mostly talking, moody exit that is somewhat like They Might Be Giants and New Order on a steady diet of Gary Numan. 

My Pleasure is nothing if not atypical, and, fortunately for us, he can pen a tune that’s not likely to escape your mind anytime soon. Not just a musical offering, the EP comes with a postcard, pin, sticker, and small magazine full of lyrics, artwork, rejected EP titles, and even rejected artwork.

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