What do you get when you bring together the keyboard player from Faith No More (Roddy Bottum), an octogenarian vocalist who rasps mightily like Scott Walker (Chris Kachulis), a pair of shirtless twins (David and Tradd Sanderson, ex-Cream Abdul Babar), a well known NYC performance artist as vocalist and mastermind (Sandy Smiles), and lots of leather and chains?
Well, you get quite a party, but you also get this band.
Nastie Band played art damaged doom metal, with is slow, low, menacing and unseemly. This is some grimy, evil music, that sounds like it could have only crawled out of some gutter in the band’s hometown of New York City. More like something you would see a few decades ago when the city was still in decay.
“Falling In Love” opens the proceedings as a doomed ode to lust, with lumbering riffs, and punctuated by evil flourishes of keyboards. “Shapeshift” is a menacing eight minutes where Kachulis rasps and gurgles like something that came out some pit of Hades. “Circle Of Knives” is dark ritual music, along with “The Widening”. While, “Relapse” uses soulful female vocals to create a noise-disco-doom hybrid. Closer, “A Summer With A Thousand Julys” ends the album on a fairly unseemly note.
In a time when most bands play it safe, it’s comforting to know that there are still bands who will go out to that edge, and risk falling off for the sake of their “art”. Nastie Band is the bummer hit of the summer. Recommended.

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