Vertigo Of Abjection
(Ultimate Massacre Productions)

Italy’s brutal death metal act Natrium is excited to share their Ultimate Massacre Productions debut with Vertigo Of Abjection. With brutal death metal, a strong record shouldn’t just count on speed, but have the ability to be flexible in chemistry. The album mixes in chaotic progression and relentless brutality within its instrumentation. The constant energy keeps the pace fresh and even, allowing for each track to have just enough distinction between each other.

Vocally the sound is quite general in its sinister approach. Nothing dynamic is presented, but that’s sort of the purpose of death metal – delivery that adds to the tone is the main goal, and Natrium deliver. While vocals add an element of aggression, the true stars in Vertigo Of Abjection are the instrumental components. Primarily, there is a terrific presence in the drumming. Instead of repetitive bashing or over using blast beats, they cover a lot of ground in displaying various patterns that spice up each track. The self-titled opening song knocks down the gates with rampant drum work, the guitar absolutely fluid and vibrant with rhythm. The progression enters some choppy areas, playing around with song structure, taking a bit from the killer atmosphere. Following up with “Drowning In Inertness”, we get a pounding track that grinds out its drumming, the guitar chugging away. The song shifts into the drums expanding their sound and shifting in tempo, adding flavor to the material.

Natrium display a solid amount of variation in speeds and playing, all while maintaining their crushing tone. “Iterative” begins with a bit of sputtering, all before kicking in a catchy groove with the guitar. By the halfway point, and moving forward, the song does an excellent job of combining all its components together to create a brutal delivery that crushes with immense force. The vocals hit the right tone of evil, the drumming goes bonkers with speed, and the guitar absolutely rips with speed and electric ferocity.

The guitar feels that it’s taking a back seat in the hectic presentation of the record, while it still has plenty of moments to capture excitement. It isn’t a “good vs. bad” sort of matter, but with the chaos given off by the drums, and the anger produced by the vocals, the guitar just doesn’t give off that brutal of a nature. They are subdued in their volume throughout some of the titles. “Inhuman Commodification” is one of the best times the guitar gets to really shine, showing off more of those fluid grooves that flow with drive and a tinge of catchiness. “Mechanical Ouroboros” is easily the standout track when every element of the band comes together in relentless heavy wonder. Drum grinding and clashing meets rage inducing vocals, that meet with a metallic and sinister guitar. It’s here we get to hear an aura of doom surrounding the guitar work, showing off a hellish cyclone of devastation.

Vertigo Of Abjection is a great example of brutal death metal that knows how to keep things different from song to song. While it would have been nice to get more of a sharper and aggressive nature out of the guitar, the band has as a whole still produces an awesome energy that beats down. On Vertigo Of Abjection, Natrium display the ability of how to constantly remain crushing, while still having a level of flexible chemistry in structure.

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