Neosho is a duo from Austin, Texas, that experiments in neo-soul and disco. Their latest project, Borderline, is a mixed bag of grooves and soul.

Borderline heavily consists of groove-lite, neo jazz fun. One of our favorite tracks would have to be the title track, which features a slick, bee bop groove, as well as the next song, “Midnight Discovery”, which has a danceable groove and a really slick bassline. One of our least favorite songs, “Don’t Try”, shows just how wacky the vocals can get, and even still the song is kind of catchy. Neosho takes their experimental sound the furthest on “Time Traveler”, where a instrumental reminiscent of Skrillex progresses to a surprisingly nice conclusion. The closing track “New Movt.” is softer, and includes a nice hook and lyrics with slow, warping synths over energetic tambourines and claps. “Big G”. On “Frank”, the synths, strings, and horns are all impactful over what sounds like trap hi hats, making for an interesting fusion. Soaring, jazzy synths can be found all over on Borderline, but our favorite such sound comes on the highly enjoyable.

With Borderline, Neosho provide a decent first look at the range this duo is capable of covering. From jazz, to disco, to soul, Neosho pushes experimentation and find themselves placed in multiple complementary genres, which is a reason to listen to this album in itself. Where Borderline faults lie are with an overall lesser sound quality, and at times, questionable sonic directions.

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