New Primals are a band from Minneapolis that merge the primal, ID-soaked lurch and howl of noise rock with dance-inducing, post-punk rhythms to create an exciting hybrid. It’s something a bit different than your standard noise rock, and that’s what makes it a great listen.

Vocalist/guitarist Sam Frederick, who identifies as non-binary, has a nasty, grungy, guitar tone that they slather over the powerful, propulsive, and tight rhythm section of bassist Ali Terveen and drummer Lars Oslund.

Together all three make quite an impressive racket with Frederick’s guitar running roughshod over the booming grooves of Terveen and Oslund. In addition, Frederick has a wounded howl of a vocal delivery that measures up to the greats of the genre.

On Horse Girl Energy, their debut album, they showcase why they are a band to watch.

Opening song “Blood & Water” starts slowly, building to an explosion of grotty guitar and propulsive rhythms with Frederick’s howl riding roughshod over the din. “A Beast With Two Backs” has some cool, post-punk rhythms and grunge-damaged guitar over the top.

“Coma Fiend” and “Wraith” ramp up the speed a bit, being nasty, brutish, and short bursts of lurch and howl. “Soft Bullet” has more of their patented lurch and groove, but adds some mathy segments for good measure. Closer, “Tightrope” shows them pushing their sound a bit with start/stop dynamics that lead to a more hectic pace before switching to a clean guitar tone, over which sampled gunshots and screaming can be heard before the song ends abruptly.

Horse Girl Energy is an excellent introduction to a talented, new band in the noise rock underground. Their fluid merging of noise rock with post-punk goes down like gangbusters and is the perfect antidote for people sick of the standard noise rock. This is something new and exciting that people should definitely check out. Give into your ID, and get down to these dirty grooves.

Purchase the album here. 

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