Brutal and atmospheric, black metal supergroup Nigredo are following up their first album with an even more solid second release.

The band’s second record to date, Flesh Torn Spirit Pierced, draws in a lot from thrashier, old-school sounding bands like Ravencult, a band with which the group shares a member, but also definitely shares influence with groups like Deathspell Omega and other more experimental and introspective groups.

“Necrolatry” is probably the most memorable track on the record, with smooth riffs and memorable choruses that contrast well with the heaviness of the music and the occasional somber interludes. A personal favorite is “Sons of Worthlessness,” which seems to draw influence from hardcore and death metal as well.

This is definitely a record to check out for fans of blistering, straightforward black metal with some more esoteric elements.

Purchase the album here. 


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