No Thank You are gritty garage rock with a polite edge, the kind of stride that apologizes for rocking a bit too passionately. The vocals emitting from a Lame-O Records band like No Thank You keep emotions high and fresh, but this record stands out with a certain unbeknownst quality. The intro track to the record “Furrowed Brow” steps off into a pool of sentiment with downtempo, low guitar and bass. The kind of sorrow where you’re in limbo between grief and recovery. A metaphor for the overall energy and weight of the record, All It Takes To Ruin It All via Lame-O Records, is a collection of the back and forth of fighting the imposter syndrome of being human.

Each track holds its own when it comes to melody, even when the instrumentation gets a bit tired as the album progresses. The turning point is with “Branch Doubt” with the lyrics “I watch you wash your hands clean of your family, you make this look easy,” brings heartache through the booming chorus full of passion; a truly personal track holding guitar breaks galore. It’s apparent singer Kaytee Della Monica has made All It Takes To Ruin It All as catharsis with the passing of her father. The track “New England Patriots” Monica cries out, “I can’t even believe that you are gone, there is a constant reminder in every cell,” while violin adds softer elements against the grittiness of guitar in the background.

Yet, the album ebs and flows with tracks like “Hell Bent” pulling in feelings of young love between the sorrow. When “Veranda” opens up with a voicemail left by Monica’s father, the bright guitars that follow are a microcosm of something much bigger; dealing with the death of relationships. The outro track “Space To Grieve” wraps up the record from the journey of heartbreak with “there’s one way out; everything dies.”

Solid all the way through the rollercoaster of emotions and yearn of belonging, No Thank You’s All It Takes To Ruin It All is not to be missed.

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