The Noble is a polished but hard hitting hardcore project that sounds like it is poised for a significant spot in the heavy music community. It is the newest project to involve Brandon Davis, who has drummed for groups including Lions Lions and the recently broken up Vanna. The band’s identity shines through strikingly on their new EP, called Abolitionism, which is in itself somewhat of a remarkable achievement considering the brevity of the release – it is only six tracks long and employs the familiar hardcore song length of under three minutes. The shortest track is barely a minute long.

The band feels like they have skipped over the formative period sometimes found with new projects where the members work on finding their artistic vision and instead cut right to the good stuff. The project is relatively new but it doesn’t feel new. Rather, it feels like a logical outgrowth of trends that have been unfolding within the heavy music scene for some time.

For one, the band is a straightforwardly heavy act, and they don’t seem afraid to push their take on that “heaviness” wherever their artistic whims take them. On that note, the fact that the EP finishes after only six tracks perhaps works in the band’s favor, because it helps each song stick out that much more. Rather than the point here getting lost in the midst of a cacophony of familiarly-toned guitars, the unifying essence of the album is not lost in the music. The music is catchy and memorable while maintaining its hardcore punch, and in a way, it leaves you wanting more. The vision the members of The Noble have deserves to be pushed and explored further.

Sometimes, something that cuts right to the point is exactly what is needed, and that’s definitely the case here. Opposite the hardcore instrumentation, the members of The Noble sprinkle their new album with motifs of the fight for freedom for all people, not just some. That idea has of course been integral to certain sections of the heavy music community for some time, and in that, The Noble feels like it bursts to a commanding position in the heavy music community with their new release, Abolitionism.


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