The name, and the album title, pretty much say it all. Northwind Wolves are black metal in every sense of the word, and I’m here for it.

Although the California-based band has been together in some form or another since 2000, they didn’t release their first record, Dark… Cold… Grim… until 2017. Now, they have released a remastered version, and they are also putting it out on CD for the first time.

Fans who already know the band and album may not be that stoked for this, as it’s essentially just the same record. But this is a great time for new fans of the band to get introduced and give them a listen. Their brutality really cuts through the music and creates a clear, straightforward metal sounds. And yes, you guessed it … it’s incredibly grim.

This album is recommended for anyone into no-holds-barred black metal. There is not a lot of experimentation here; their sound is very straightforward. But if you dig the classic black metal sound, definitely check this record out.

Purchase the album here. 


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