Leave it to the experimental sludge bands to capture a sound that is as raw and unrelenting as it is innovative and unique. The latest album from NUDIST, Bury My Innocence, pummels the listener with wave after wave of heavy, expertly layered, sonic despair.

The group is a three-piece hailing from Italy, and even though they are nothing tempo-wise like the fast, intense fury of their infamous Italian punk counterparts, they both evoke equally sorrowful and oddly melodic sounds.

The entire album is psychedelic, and at times, downright scary. The riffs rise and fall in a way that sounds like a bad acid trip coming in waves, and even the non-musically-trained can tell that there are some weird time signatures going on here. The record clearly borrows from both metal and post-rock, but it is centered in psych and heavy grooves.

One of the strongest tracks on the record is “Bloody Waters,” the third song on the album. This is probably the doomiest, sludgiest song on the recording, even borrowing a few moments from stoner doom. It plods on at a steady pace, but serves up lots of cool guitar work and a steady groove.

This record is definitely recommended for anyone who likes the weirder, more experimental side of doom, and isn’t afraid of music that strays into the odd and psychedelic realms. The flow may not be for everyone, as there are a lot of tempo changes and lulls in the music, but those who have opened their third eye a little will really dig this record.

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