A Seattle outfit with a propensity for loud, sonically challenging post-punk, these players with ties to Head Like A Kite, Gibraltar, Long Dark Moon, and Princess know their way around guitar-fueled tension and noisey atmosphere that pushes and pulls with dramatic, soaring energy.

While some songs, like the cautious, 80s influenced, “Islands Keep Silence Before Me” would radiate even with the New Wave crowd ,others, like the triumphant and prog-tinged “Winter Song” show much diversity. Primarily giant and arena rock-friendly, “Fuel + Reasons” has a memorable, charged anthemic quality, while “Beware The Heartless” brings to mind the early days of Modest Mouse if they grew up on Mission Of Burma. The album exits on one of the best tunes, the sing-a-long-yet-moody “Pieces Of The Moon,” which could easily gain this Emerald City super group legions of new fans.

If you still spin your Pixies records and consider Television one of the most overlooked proto-punk bands, there never was a was should be on constant rotation in your world.

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