Odd Dates
Deep Cuts Don’t Keep The Mansion Running

The beauty of Odd Dates is that it plays much like a much needed cathartic release from the dark corners of one’s mind. Each track is a different blend of mindful energy, racing through heavier genres or slowly unraveling in vulnerable weeps. Deep Cuts Don’t Keep The Mansion Running is an interesting play through of the raw space that we are entangled in.

The album starts off with a trance like groove in “Teenage Dreams.” It’s a calm beat until the track blends into “Games,” which is an assertive assault entirely destructive in nature. These two songs pinned against each other showcase the creative ability of Odd Dates. The grip of the record is rooted in the ability to strike with different styles of music. “The Boy” is a softer side of the group, finding root in singing over an acoustic guitar. This song is slow, reflective and captivating. Its partner song on the record, “Who Knew?” is different in texture, upbeat and driven by intricate yet simple drum patterns.

Even when the band is swirling through dizzying ambient textures, they can charge the gate with speed without hesitation, as evidenced by “Wasting.” It’s this kind of spontaneity that keeps Deep Cuts Don’t Keep The Mansion Running raw and inspired. Within the record, Odd Dates make sure that every inch of their textures are explored, giving a thick cut of music produced by a duo. Like on “Notches,” the winding plucked guitars begin growing until they reach their collapse, softly transforming into each progression smoothly. Ending track, “Mort’s a Has Been” is a math inspired track packed with fury, ending with the famous Rick & Morty quote that proves our existence can be nearly meaningless.

Deep Cuts Don’t Keep The Mansion Running is an obscure Dave Grohl quote. Odd Dates are an obscure band out of Michigan, but that doesn’t keep them from making a record as unique as they come.

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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