Odious Icon states on the Negative Vibe‘s website that, “After trying out different styles of music, band members and band names Odious Icon reached its current version in 2015, and have kept honing their style…”. This should be touted because as they release their eight track debut, Planet of Immense Decay, the offering boasts a culmination of aggressive ideas. Thrashy blackened death and heavy hardcore all spit on hyphenated genres. Planet of Immense Decay is just an evil, slab of treachery. Thick crunchy production accents solid songwriting.

The title track opener punches and punches leaving the ears staggering. The riff is superb, chugging. Some vocals are begging for sing along; inciting much crowd participation. “Bloodbath” has some mathy type swing in it. Big double bass breakdowns – but stops and sludges through the end of the track for some climactic. Some Unearth/Black Dahlia Murder mixed with Arise era Sepultura. “Bleed the Bastards” starting bass line and speedy snare reflects a love for hardcore, just thickened to sludgy molasses. The track then harnesses a mid-tempo breakdown, again, which will fuel cathartic pit stirring. A squealing lead yields to a gallop to the end. “Clenched Fist” bandies between sup fast and grinding descents. Only the closing track goes over four minutes. All others practice efficiency. The shove forward killer riffs and punishing drums, accompanied with fetid vocals of disgust and rage, and get the job done. “Hate” and “Tomorrow Shall Die” repeat the formula but never feel stale. Fast parts and bombastic breakdowns. The music immediate, vicious and unrelenting, demanding repeated listens.

The production truly lends a bolstering impact. There is a bigger sound; as opposed to thinner or more local production of peers like Dust Bolt, Havok, Ultra-Violence. Odious embrace the long game, a la Warbringer, Toxic Holocaust, etc. And the vocals stay growled and guttural; my exact cup of tea. I love classic bands like Death Angel or Exodus or Over Kill, but I take high pitch vocals in limited quantities. While I keep reading ‘thrash’ in reviews quality death metal elements injected give Planet of Immense Decay tough ass credit. Coming from Oslo, Norway; influences stem from neighboring Swedish legends, Unleashed and Dismember. But dark hardcore bands like Hatred Surge, Despise You, and Magrudergrind can be beckoned as easily.

But enough of comparing and contrasting – although it tends be an easy recourse for reviewers of debut metal albums. Odious Icon stand tall on their own. I think they can span the fan base of death metal, 90’s metallic hardcore, and thrash equally. Planet of Immense Decay is an immensely strong debut. Hell, it would be a great album for seasoned vets. I anticipate big things from these guys. It’s ugly enough and infectious in others. Angery dudes everywhere should be stoked.

RIYL: Ramming Speed, Autopsy, Obituary, Skeletonwitch, Dismember

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