Raspberry Dawn
(Southern Lord)

Throughout their career, Norwegian noise makers Okkultokrati have bent and twisted hardcore punk many different ways, adding touches of hard rock, post punk and goth to the mix. Each new record, puts a fresh spin on what has come before, ensuring that their music is constantly moving forward.

Raspberry Dawn, their fourth full length, and first for new label Southern Lord, is no different from its predecessors in that it sounds nothing like what has come before it. On it the band strikes a balance between noisy, hard rocking hardcore and dark post punk, where slashing chords meet with washes of synth. It’s a completely unique sound, one that is all their own.

The biggest compliment you could say about them is that they don’t sound like anybody else out there. They just sound like their own twisted selves. None of it sounds forced or fake. They are definitely following their own muse for their benefit and the listener, too.

There are full on ragers, like opener “World Peace” and “Hidden Future”, that mesh nicely with the morose, synth driven, darkwave of “Leave And Be Gone”. “Ocular Violence” starts off as a synth drone, but then explodes into a burst of fiery hardcore.

So once again, Okkultokrati have come up with an album that pushes their music into new and exciting directions. If you’re tired of cookie cutter hardcore, or even cookie cutter loud rock bands, you will definitely want to hear Raspberry Dawn. It’s musical alchemy of the highest order.

Purchase Raspberry Dawn here.


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