Snakereigns/Night Jerks
(Southern Lord)

Norwegians Okkultokrati have a very unique take on hardcore. While many bands stick to the standard tropes, these guys darken it up a bit, through some grime over it and turn it into something unpredictable and exciting.

Originally, these two albums came out on the Fysisk format label, but once Okkultokrati signed to Southern Lord, their new label picked up the rights to them and released them together as a single CD (the vinyl versions are packaged separately), in anticipation of the band’s debut recording for Southern Lord coming later this year.

Snakereigns, which originally came out in 2012 is a blast of the some of the noisiest and darkest hardcore you’re likely to hear. It’s a very unsettling and exciting listening experience. Night Jerks, which originally came out in 2014, shows the band pushing their sound in a new direction with the use of synths, giving them a more post punk sound. Though, it’s a very rough and noisy kind of post punk, even if they take time for ambient drone pieces.

Taken together both albums showcase a band willing to push their music into new and exciting territories. It will be interesting to see where the band goes on their upcoming album, though the band offered a bit of a clue, in a piece in the most recent print issue of this very magazine.

This is definitely worth picking up if you want some boundary pushing loud rock. (Thomas Pizzola)

Purchase Snakereigns/Night Jerks here.


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