Old Wounds maintain their unique edge on their 2018 full length, Glow, while also giving themselves what feels like a fresh start. This start takes what’s come before into account but also continues down the unique path they’ve set for themselves for years instead of remaining in the same place.

They’ve carved themselves out a spot in between industrial metal, brutal blasting hardcore, and even goth rock, and, to simplify the situation, it works. There’s no disjointed sense while making one’s way through the band’s latest work at all. More than simply proving the haphazard sum of any number of parts or genres, their work feels truly new. Frontman Kevin Iavroni and his bandmates sound as strong and forward-pushing as ever.

They’re heavy, with their metallic hardcore intact, but their focus seems less on the anger and obvious intensity than one might expect. They instead zero more in on the despair, it feels at times, hollowing themselves out a crater to present themselves in rather than blindly throwing metaphorical dynamite in. The “despair” doesn’t constitute self pity; it’s seething and very active. The band’s set of graveyard-esque tones isn’t entirely new, but sometimes it’s less obvious with bands taking on a style like this.

Old Wounds’ shifted perspective on brutally heavy music strikes the listener as a welcome addition to the modern array of music. Their presentation transcends the sound, and like the other greats of metallic hardcore and all its variants, imparts a mood that stays with you as you go away from the work. You’re likely going to remember it, with that bitter (but welcome) taste lingering in the back of your mind, perhaps pushing you to go back for more.

When a band can accomplish as much, it’s special, and it’s all the better here because of just what Old Wounds have to contribute to the heavy music community in particular. The band takes the listener for a reserved but thrilling ride, twisting through jagged, blasting textures that lead into sonic caverns one can’t see the bottom of. It’s a listening experience to jump into with full force, ready to hit a rocky floor whenever it comes.

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