One Track Minds
A Price To Be Paid

This Trondheim, Norwegian band One Track Minds was formed in the winter of 2015, centered on the songs of Jon Reier Sylte. They have just released their first album of ten tracks of psychedelic rock that has hints of the Jesus And Mary Chain. The band consists of Jon Reier Sylte (Guitar/Vocals), Ole Kristian Malmedal (Organ/Drums), Olav Edvard Lossius Meisingset (Drums/Percussion), Bendik Ohr Iversen (Bass) and Tor Inge Eikrem (Tambourine/shakers).

The vocals are reminiscent of JAMC, but at time the vocals have a mix of Roger Waters and David Bowie as on “River Of Life” which was quite atmospheric and trippy. “Bad Vibrations” is a great song, so thick with reverb and fat guitars that it quickly became a favorite of mine on the album. The album has a great flow to it that makes you get drawn in and sounds perfect at night with headphones on, maybe burning incense and just being mellow, especially with the ambient sounds and the harsher effects all mixed together so well. The album is fairly dark sounding, but it still brought a smile to my face with how well the band meshes the sound together and creates something so beautiful, yet treacherous at the same time.

A Price To Be Paid is a masterpiece of performance and textures that will send shivers up your spine and get stuck in your ears and force you to replay it time and time again. Get a copy, turn the lights down and vanish into the world of One Track Minds and go on a trip to another place, a place of beauty and dark things, but a place that you will to revisit.

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