On their fourth album, Chicago’s “fastest noise rock band” show no signs of slowing down as they unleash another torrent of punishing riffs and caustic observations about the world we inhabit. Just look at some of the song titles, such as “Surrounded By Fucking Idiots,” “Tween Shitbag,” and “Birth Of A Flat Earther” to see exactly where they’re coming from.

The music contained on High Anxiety is just as relentless as it has ever been. They fluidly move between noise rock and thrash with a brutish grace, and credit given to drummer Kyle Robbins for his maniacal bashings behind the kit. However, the band works as one unified unit putting forth a dense, heavy, noisy, and brutal wall of sound which at times has a mechanical precision to it.

“Surrounded By Fucking Idiots” opens the album with a swath of feedback and then goes blisteringly fast before settling into a heavy, mid-paced, noise rock, churn for its finish. “Filth Chisel” and “Tween Shitbag” are short, noisy, brutal blasts of grimy thrash. They slow things down a bit for “Birth Of A Flat Earther,” a sludgy trawl that proves they can devastate at any speed. “Vein Ripper” closes out the album on a dynamic note showcasing all facets of their caustic sound.

High Anxiety is ugly music for ugly times. It also provides quite the visceral kick to the pants. If you crave catharsis from the banalities of our devolving world, you will find it here.  

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