Operation: Mindcrime
(Frontiers Music)

Although the title of Geoff Tate’s new project may say Operation: Mindcrime on it, we all know he’d still be calling it Queensrÿche if he could. There’s very little difference from his former band found here, and the music itself definitely doesn’t stray much from the same patterns, either. Resurrection is actually the second part of a trilogy of concept albums still in the making, beginning with 2015’s The Key. Although most of what’s found here is just plain predictable at best, there are some highlights; “Left for Dead” and “The Fight” are strong suites, while “Taking on the World” features some guest appearances (ex-Iced Earth/Judas Priest screamer Tim “Ripper” Owens and former Iron Maiden vocalist Blaze Bayley both lend their talents). Other than that, this won’t appeal to much more than Queensrÿche purists who still feel that this deserves to be the true version of Tate’s former group (who are still continuing on without him with new singer Todd La Torre).

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