There’s an element of restraint lingering throughout Coördination, though not always for the better. The songs featured on the EP build in promising manners, but often fail to deliver on the intensity this band is certainly capable of. Being fronted by an audio engineer provides a dexterity and color to the sound of the album and each of the members are very proficient musicians. The main detractor here is its failure to convey a greater portrait of the bands fullest abilities. The Krautrock influences are present and mostly complimentary, but one gets the feeling that this material would be greatly enhanced if its experimental leanings felt more intuitive and less intentional, as well as used in ways that elevate more sympathetic, even traditional arrangements. There’s a lot to be said for a good hook, and more bands of this bent could benefit greatly by rediscovering this fact. Standout tracks include “Realistic Saturation” and “Moto Komplete”.

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