A band inspired by the ’70s chord organ that played lo-fi loops on flexible LP sized discs, Rob Crow and Pea Hix started this band in the mid ’90s, this being their first release since 2000.

But don’t think their primitive name reference has any bearing on the sound quality here, as this second album is a crisp, clear, sonically soothing venture into two very creative minds. Often light and spacious with a rhythmic atmosphere, there are also busier moments kept in control with Crow’s inimitable pipes, and musically it’s all over the place with soulful piano moments, upbeat island fun, orchestral strings, and even funk feelings.

An album of vast unpredictability, xylophones, accordions, a cappella and muffled horns make appearances, making this another essential chapter in the Rob Crow book of unconventional music.

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