Sounds Of Loss
(Unbeaten Records)

Sounds Of Loss opens with a little snippet of voice over before it explodes into, “The Anticipation” a track four-alarm blast of punk infused metal. From that brief cinematic stage setting, Orthodox thrusts listeners into a crusty dystopia of their own design, an album whose themes center on anticipated grief and the results are a fairly strong set.

Over twelve tracks, Sounds Of Loss makes a few ambitious shifts, from choppy, husky guitar riffs and vocals as they display on “Panic” or the raspy, almost spine-chilling “I’m Scared of You” into later tracks where they show new metal influences. From beginning to end, the band demonstrates a clear evolution in influence and forges an entirely new way of writing songs. While the earlier tracks, Orthodox feels like a kind of rebellious throwback, later on the atmosphere really evolves to a place it adequately seizes on their theme, ranging from gauzy headed psychedelics on “Sounds of Loss” to “Fallen Behind” and its unforeseen atmospheric jams.

I thoroughly enjoyed each version of Orthodox, but on very different levels. The audacious sound of the first half brought me back to a time when metal was dangerous and as a listener, I thrived on that perception; the hand full of later tracks capture more of my current feelings, where its brooding is a private, in the dark experience.

In the end, Sounds Of Loss doesn’t necessarily hold together as a concept album for me, nor does it feel like a straightforward collection of works. It feels like two distinct EPs put together, which is really only a strike against the band’s presentation, not the talent. I would delve into each one and enjoy it immensely.

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