Recorded in 1996, Ossuary Insane’s Demonize the Flesh is like that plastic tube time capsule you dig up that elevates your whole blood levels; that is, it’s a warm and utterly grim old-school death metal masterpiece, with dirt falling down from its sides. It’s raw as shit, technical and has that timeless spirit that many bands of today just can’t muster. This is the type of stuff that gets one into extreme metal, not the other way around. You could roll through the dark streets with your headphones blasting this nugget of infancy, and you could feel lean, shadowy and real.

Blood Harvest Records has signed on to reissue all of Ossuary Insane’s recorded material, which is pretty fucking cool. This is your second chance to hear a really defined and vibrant extreme metal band; a group who spins thrash, grind, black and death like it’s on vacation in the sewers of hell. “Imprecari” is all basement technical wizardry, with its bright extensions and utterly pinpoint grind outs: a song with an eerie purple moon, dark concrete sort of elasticity. The inverted thrash of “The Olde Ragged Cross” is perpetual, sort of the underlining flame to each crusty anthem the band screams.

It’s 2017, and 1996 was over 20 years ago. That’s hard to fucking believe. Death metal isn’t as good as it once was. Sure, there are great death metal bands out there, but it’s not the same. Ossuary Insane were like the tail end of the true death metal visionaries; a time when the sound was still fresh and punk. I think that’s the key difference right there. Punk was part of the equation in a way not necessary related to the sound, but more so related to the overall propulsion. You can feel it; it’s real, soul wrenching and total.

You’ll have a blast with this reissue. It’ll make you pine for the days of old, when death metal still has some bite, and food and rent were actually almost affordable.

Purchase the album here.

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