Owl Maker proves that there is more to Connecticut metal than melodeath and deathcore. This power trio from the Nutmeg State plays traditional heavy metal, that touches on doom, hard rock and even a little speed metal. It’s a bit twisted at times, but also bounces along with a huge amount of swagger, which makes for a fun ride, even when things get a bit dark.

“Ride With Aileen”, which is about one of the most infamous female serial killers ever, sounds like a heavier, scuzzier ZZ Top, that throws in a catchy melodic chorus for good measure, along with the first of many ripping solos from guitarist/vocalist Simon Tuozzoli. “99” ups the tempo a bit, slowing down a bit for a solo, before going all mid-paced and psychedelic. “Freya’s Chariot” is epic, traditional heavy metal, with a chorus that will instantly get stuck in your head and stay there. “Miashara” is more deliberately paced, a smooth combination of doom and rock n roll, with another killer solo from Tuozzoli. “Witches” is a speedy ripper that slows down just a bit, to deliver another catchy chorus, before speeding on down the line a bit, and hitting another mid-paced, yet uptempo groove. “Lady Stoneheart” closes out the EP with more killer doom-rock.

Paths Of The Slain is a great introduction to Owl Maker. It’s basically everything you could want in a trad metal album. Or to put it in more simpler, Beavis & Butthead-esque terms: it rocks! That should be enough for you to give it a listen.

Grab the album here.

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