Pabst / Autisti
(Crazysane Records)

Berlin neo-grunge band Pabst and Switzerland lo-fi band Autisti join forces to release a special edition split 7”, including two new “non-album” songs. With this Pabst / Autisti split 7”, the two bands merge their complementary universes to put out a pair of wicked and badass songs.

Track one, “Exciter” by Pabst is a great start. The lead vocals are rad, grungy, and feel distant due to a light reverb. Furthermore, the vocals are executed with fantastic range, behind upfront and highly energetic guitar riffs. Including a solid chorus to tie the song all together, “Exciter” really is a song to be excited about.

Side B of the record holds another great song, “Dealbreaker”, by Autisti. Weird, muddled, sweet yet almost metallic vocals of Emilie Zoé really set this song apart. Starting with a conservative, trudging riff, “Dealbreaker” sets a real serious tone that carries throughout. As the track progresses into an absolutely wild and ferocious vortex of thrashing drums, guitars, and warping synths, Autisti here provide the most memorable moment of the record.

The Pabst / Autisti split 7” is an awesome look into the current sound of these two bands. As both Pabst and Autisti provided one track each, totalling just under seven minutes of content, there overall isn’t a ton to consume with this project. The record is well off being considered as a collectors item or simply an exhibition piece . Set to be released on September 1st, the record will be strictly limited to 300 hand numbered, colored copies (150 soft-pink, 150 mint-blue). Pabst and Autisti also hit the road together in September and August, and hopefully the bands work even closer on more collaborative projects in the future. For the time being, the two European rock bands have provided a couple of really great songs and in exchange we have no complaints.

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