Skinwalker EP
(CrazySane Records)

Just like where I come from, Pabst is like liquid gold and plenty of it to keep us cool. Pour this into your ears, why not, it’s intoxicating! Good musicality, the bass-line grooves right and there is a great vocalist, sweet guitars and killer drums. The band has a grunge, hardcore rock sound with an alternative flair.

For those of you who love to dance, you’ll have a terrific time. The trio is good enough to stand on its own, even without additional members – on this album it would only be like adding more padding to a crazy room. The fact is that it provides a feeling of being in an asylum, a safe secure cell space that will only surround you while you’re listening to the music.

You might say there’s as much clarity as there is when the white light surrounds you and welcomes you into the afterlife. A thrilling journey into sonic-space that will leave behind the woes and cares of normality. Mundanity will be topsy-turvy by the time you’ve heard them.

Avant-garde noise and the imagery evoked also shows. There is an importance and world consciousness in the Berlin based band’s choice of a Japanese female star in their video for the song “Skinwalker.”

Definitely worthwhile experience to hear this, so check this album out.

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