Heavy doom just got heavier, and more unforgiving, with Pale Horseman’s The Fourth Seal.

Some doom bands try to appeal to listeners with the heaviest, most gut-wrenching riffs possible, while others rely on a catchy, nuanced knowledge of ’70s classic psych rock to reel their listeners in. Pale Horseman do both with The Fourth Seal, and their delivery on this record is unique and unmatched.

While things kick in on an extremely heavy note, and you immediately know you are in for a torrential down poor of brutal doom, they also immediately get rocking and stay catchy as the album moves forward. There are no moments where this can be called simply aggressive and blistering rather than well-thought-out musically, but it also stays heavy as hell. the balance achieved on this record is one that many bands strive for, but rarely attain.

The record kicks things off with “Final War,” a heavy doom opus sure to leave listeners wanting more heavy riffage. “Bereavement” is the track that takes things down a notch and slows the roll of the record while still rocking, and “Phantasmal Voice,” the final song on the record, is the heaviest and most solid.

This is an essential doom album for anyone who wants to hear the biggest and best of the genre. Those who worship at the alter of doom shouldn’t sleep on this one.

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Addison is a Denver-based writer who focuses on metal, cannabis, underground music and LGBTQ issues. She has also written a book, Wicked Woman: Women in Metal From the 1960s to Now, which can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/Wicked-Woman-Women-Metal-1960s/dp/1501021079

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