Parker Longbough
Bridges To Nowhere/Delirium in Lo-fi

Formerly of Uncle Jesse, these days Alaska’s Matthew Witthoeft is recording under the moniker Parker Longbough for his unique brand of lo-fi exploration. After a well received debut album in 2006, this follow up that took 4 years to complete delivers a throwback indie-rock template, and documents the trials and tribulations of his life in Kasilof over a few years.

While tunes like “Hall Pass” have ’90s rock ala Sebadoh or Pavement all over them, and culminate in crashing percussion that’s not far off from alt-rock, others like “Genesis Recovery Store” are quirky versions of today’s bedroom pop, that are entirely irresistible. Mostly, though, the songs move between calm and jangly to loud and distorted, with interesting story telling and a charming unpredictably that isn’t likely to keep this guy obscure for too long. There’s a subtle genius in here not unlike the early days of Modest Mouse, which, of course, means that you’ll need to hear this asap.


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