(Comatose Music)

Having listened to almost all of this album a second time, I can say that the latest release from Californian brutal deathers Pathology is extremely monotonous. The problem seems to come from the fact that drummer Dave Astor doesn’t really seem to have a large presence in the record and frontman Matti Way does. As far as guitar goes, Tim Tiszczenko more or less plays with the same tone and tempo throughout the vast majority of the album, merely switching up to play different riff variations every now and again. This time around, it sounds like a sort of instrumental death metal project thrown together on spare time with the addition of vocals raised far too high in the mix that they drown out everything. These gentlemen used to release a new record almost every year since their debut album Surgically Hacked in ’06 and it seems to me that they’ve more or less just phoned the whole thing in at this point. I’m being honest, the whole thing just kind of feels thrown together and doesn’t really seem to be able to stand out as anything more than a standard death metal album. It sounds like these guys are just going through the motions at this point, which is pretty upsetting considering how long they’ve been together. You don’t even have to listen to the recording all that long before it just sort of fades into the background with only Matti Way’s growls being memorable. It’s sad that the band waited until the very end of the album to unleash the album’s only real standout moment in a solo section during “Vermillion.”

Seriously, this has to be some of the most simplistic brutal death metal I’ve ever heard, and even the technical sections seem re-regurgitated to the point where they don’t serve a point. It’s plain, dull and almost completely lifeless. These gentlemen are much older and far more experienced at this style of playing and they’ve given me a performance that sounds like a couple of kids performed it on YouTube after being inspired by a slew of BDM albums. It may be wise to just throw in the towel at this point, as the only thing that I even took away from this were the Dr. Pepper bleches, which could have been utilized in many other acts that act like they actually cared about the performance. I’m just not getting that here. I honestly don’t know what happened here, but it feels like the musical end of the performance sleepwalked through the entire recording of the album and just called it a day. I can’t really recommend it, even if you’re a Pathology fan. In fact, I can recommend so many other BDM acts that I’ve reviewed in the past over this. If you’re interested in checking out this album, just go back into your BDM collection and play something – anything – it doesn’t even matter at this point. I’m all for giving acts a chance, but two listens down and I’m not feeling a single thing from this one at all. That’s a not a good sign, but I wish them better luck in the future.

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