The summer of 2019 is quickly proving to be a real treasure trove of new music from underrated players in the scene, and through the mix of all of these new bands, some really unique and interesting artists have come to the surface. One of those bands is fronted by siblings Jack and Lily Wolter, of the Brighton, UK group, Penelope Isles. For those unfamiliar with the band, you may want to grow accustomed to them as they just released their debut album Until The Tide Creeps In, on July 12 via Bella Union and it’s really, really good (yes, we had to add another ‘really’ to emphasize just how good this record is…) 

Until The Tide Creeps In is a collection of 10 lo-fi beachy pop anthems that’s the perfect addition to any summer playlist or occasion. The album features a cohesive and solid mixture of tracks that showcase their indie-pop harmonies, hazy instrumentals and intimately painted lyrics. With such an impressive mix of talents and a mesmerizing delivery of each song, it’s a little bewildering that this band is only on their debut release. The record feels like something from a group that’s on their fourth or fifth release as it has such a specifically mastered sound that holds up during each new track. 

Every song on this album is something new and interesting as they each come in with a depth that give off a dizzyingly paced, yet, melodic story from each of the siblings’ perspective; which really brings this album to life. It’s clear that Penelope Isles knows what they’re doing, and they know how to do it well. From the start of the record to the very end, “Until The Tide Creeps In” pulls you in with its light, and oftentimes whimsical tracks, and it doesn’t let you go long after the last song plays. 

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