The songwriting moniker for Margaret Stutt, this 11th album and first in six years by Pezzettino, arrives after some personal turmoil that resulted in an entirely new approach to her art. Often recorded during episodes of insomnia, while Stutt handles keys, accordions, and vocals, she’s accompanied by guitars, vibraphone, clarinet, and background vocals on this neo-folk and artistically experimental record.

With much emphasis on atmosphere, songs like “Home” are built around a haunting tone with swirling keys, and the warm accordion of “Falling Down” makes this a moving track with much heart. “How To” starts sparse with keys and vocals and builds into a louder, cathartic display with tumbling percussion, while deeper tracks like “Shower Song” allow ambience to punctuate the mood, and the ultra-sparse closer “Cloudy Covers” evolves into a cinematic display of rich beauty.

Trained as a classical pianist, Stutt brings her formative years into this highly mature and carefully crafted listen. Though she cut her teeth in indie bands in Wisconsin, these days Oakland is home, and her bought of mental health issues seems to have resulted in a sound therapy that she delivers with precision, playfulness, and personality.

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