The Pilgrims
No Focus

There’s a sustainable amount of honesty that is a vital part of today’s rock & roll. You can’t sing a song about something real without being able to back it up. The Pilgrims from Windsor, VT play garage rock with unbridled emotion and genuineness and it’s conveyed through their latest full-length album No Focus. It’s a mix of poetic lyrics and vintage rock riffs that’s adorned with complete rawness and intensity. The band examines alienation, heartbreak and angst in harmonious ways and the upbeat feeling exuded is contagious.

Lead by frontman Chris Rosenquest, The Pilgrims shred and amplify their way to new levels of musical skill as each track passes through No Focus. Kiel Alarcon and Chris Goulet form a twin attack via guitar while bringing stellar solos and pristine improvisation to the forefront. Bassist Brendan Dangelo and drummer Chris Enger anchor the band with consistently steady rhythms. Together this quintet has energy and vigor coming through their sound while keeping themselves grounded. It shows that they don’t try to go over their heads with the music they’re writing and it pays off in a big way.

Giving the middle finger to music scene politics is “Fuckuitude”, a genuine track that calls out certain aspects of live music that are ridiculous. Cliques, arrogant musicians and the people they associate with are put on notice. “Barely Alive” is the apex of the energy that continuously comes through in No Focus. There’s a bit of catchy harmony that’s present to make it an accessible song. Another honest track is “The Millennial Loop” and it has Rosenquest crooning about the millennial generation who seem to be fairly lost and hopeless. It also conveys a bit of sarcasm at the expense of older people who always put blame on the younger ones.

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