Words & Photos by Joe Calixto

Out of nowhere, October has crept up on us and we realize we have 3 more months left in the year. Obviously, you already knew that. This year has brought us plenty of great tours and releases, one example is Pinegrove’s fall tour. When the band announced the dates of their fall tour I was stoked to see that they were hitting Los Angeles twice. I picked the Echoplex date because I already knew I was gonna be so lazy the Sunday of the Troubadour show. (it’s Sunday = don’t do anything day). Also it was only a $4 Lyft ride to get there from my apartment.

I know, I know, I’m mad ranting right now. So let’s cut to the chase. I got to the show pretty early and there was already a good amount of people in the venue waiting for what would be a very intimate night of good, chill tunes. Opening the show was Texas’ Lomelda. Singer and songwriter Hannah Read, quietly comes on stage and mesmerized the crowd as they slowly packed the venue, with her arsenal of soft sung indie jams. She reminds me of Land of Talk and I instantly fell in love with her down right honest lyrics. Lomelda just put out a new record last month titled Thx and you should definitely check that out.

Right after that, their label mates from New York, Florist gave a very very intimate and passionate set. Singer Emily Sprauge dropped a feels bomb over the chill Los Angeles crowd. I absolutely love how the band describes themselves as a “friendship project.” That’s the most real shit I’ve read. I looooooveeee this band.

At this point the floor was packed with people and I totally took that “Sold Out” sign outside for granted. I could barely move but found a couple of spots to snap some photos. Regardless, I was there to see Pinegrove. Yeah! I may listen to too much hardcore but there’s always time for some real emo hour jams. So tonight was the midway point of the first leg of their fall 2017 tour and going on tour myself, I know this is the part of the tour where everything hits harder. Fatigue, homesickness, and whatever other bullshit that comes along. BUT, the New Jersey band didn’t show any signs of that and still brought the house down with that fresh sound of alternative country and highkey emo.

After the incredible success of their 2016 release, Cardinal, Pinegrove doesn’t look like they’re stopping any time soon. With a new record in the works, this band is just gonna take over the entire world with their unique sound. FFO: real feels and vibey jams. This is a band that needs to be on your shuffle.

Even with the constant heckling from the crowd, singer Evan Stephens Hall kept it interactive and fun. I swear some people in the crowd have zero chill. (Laughs)

The show ended on a high and you can tell it with the smiles on people’s faces as they exited the venue. Also, side note: this has gotta be one of the best dressed crowds I’ve seen in a good while.

Click here to see all the photos from last night.

“I should call my parents when I think of them
Should tell my friends when I love them”

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