Plaque Marks
Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship
(Learning Curve/Reptilian)

Plaque Marks is a new band that features Philadelphia scene veterans Mike McGinnis (guitar/vocals, ex-Fight Amp), Doug Sabolik (bass/vocals, Ecstatic), Patrick Troxell (drums, Creepoid) and Gene Woolfolk (guitar, ex-The Powder Room), whose sound is unlike any of their previous or current bands. Sure, there are doses of noise rock and shoegaze in their musical mix, but Plaque Marks is an entirely different beast.

It’s much more vicious, chaotic, and in your face than anything in the members resumes. Feedback laden guitars, swirl and jab, while the rhythm section is always on the attack. It’s very raw and violent. This is some of the angriest music you’re likely to hear all year.

The opening track, which bears the band’s name, is two minutes of pounding drums, propulsive bass and guitars that slash and burn. “Oregon Chem-Trail” is a mid-paced musical mauling. “Animal Pleasures” is 1:49 of blistering noise punk, along with “Urban Blighters” that just gets a little over the two minute mark. “Piecemaker” takes a more measured and doom-laden approach. The closing title track is 8:14 of chaotic swirling guitars, that sting and bite, ending the album on a definitive note.

Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship is an excellent introduction to this fine band and their noxious sound. It’s an exhilarating shot of noisy, bellicose punk rock. Here’s hoping there is more to come in the future.

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