The Plot In You is a metalcore band that has been around since 2010, and in that time made a name for themselves in the alternative music scene. Their forthcoming album, Dispose, is their fourth full-length album. This is also their first album being released through Fearless Records. They were previously signed to Stay Sick Recordings. It’s a stark contrast to earlier releases, which may come as a surprise to some fans. In fact, they seem to have taken a page from Bring Me The Horizon’s book. While listening to the album, it’s easy to draw comparisons between the two group’s evolution of sound. Dispose appears more subdued than their previous efforts, but it’s full of quiet rage.

For fans who listened to “Feel Nothing” for the first time and wondered if it were an indication of how the rest of the album would sound – they would be right. That single is one of the better songs on Dispose, but it’s still a reflection of how the album sounds. Some other notable tracks on the album are the first two tracks – “Rigged” and “Dispose.” The songs are layered with intricate sound and vocal effects that create an atmosphere of melancholy. The violin and chorus sounds add to that extra dimension.

The lead singer, Landon Tewers, is known for tasteless lyrics in the past, and there is a bit of a departure from that on this album. Fortunately, there aren’t any songs like “Cum Captain,” (which is a track on his solo EP) but there are the repeated topics of broken hearts and failed relationships. While it’s imperative for an artist to pull inspiration from their lives, it’s easy to forget songs that continuously cover the same issues. Even with that in mind, most of the songs on this album are enjoyable and catchy. Tewers appears to be channeling some very real emotions in these songs, which is refreshing in comparison to some of his peers.

The overall sound of Dispose is a welcomed one. Fans of artists like BMTH will likely enjoy this effort as its dark and brooding. The album offers a level of maturity and introspection that we have not seen from the band in previous releases. With that said, it would be great to see Tewers expand his repertoire of lyrical content. That is largely the biggest issue with the record. Aside from that, this is a really solid effort from the group and fans should continue to look forward to their continued evolution.

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